Current Mood: Winter Citrus Obsession

I love citrus fruits – whether in a cocktail, in a salad, with my breakfast, or on their own! Lucky for me, during this darkest, most miserable time of the year, most citrus fruits are at their sweetest and most flavorful.


Blood oranges are one of my very favorite fruits, and I’m always so excited when they make their way back onto the supermarket shelves in the winter time. Blood oranges have a unique, sweet flavor and that stunning, deep red colored flesh that lends a beautiful hue to any cocktail its juice is added to. Love a Negroni? Next time try it with a generous squeeze of blood orange juice. The sweet-tart juice pairs perfectly with bitter Campari and tones down a bit of the astringent flavor from the gin. Here’s one of my most popular blood orange cocktail recipes, Elderflower + Orange Cream.

Kumquats are a special, under-appreciated fruit. Their edible peel is sweet while their flesh is quite sour. Pop the entire berry-sized fruit in your mouth and enjoy the burst of deliciously sweet and sour citrus flavor. They’re excellent in salads, preseved, or my favorite – in a cocktail syrup. Check out my rosemary kumquat syrup recipe here.

Clementines are another wonderful winter citrus fruit. Fragrant and super sweet, clementines have an intensely orange-colored juice when freshly squeezed and are incredibly easy to peel and virtually seedless. I’ve been loving adding clementine juice to cocktails lately, here’s one I made to celebrate the arrival of Spring.

What are your favorite winter citrus fruits? Do you have favorite cocktails inspired by them?