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How to Make a Milk-Clarified Satsuma Screwdriver

Chances are, when you think of a Screwdriver, you think of...well, a pretty uninspired cocktail. Perhaps one of the least loved and universally unappealing of the two-ingredient cocktail recipes, the Screwdriver is a simple combination of vodka and orange juice. Sharply acidic while still tasting quite bland, there’s admittedly not much to love. I guess it’s the unlovable nature of the Screwdriver and it’s incredibly simple template that drew me to try to re-imagine it in clarified form. Plus, I really wanted to see if it would turn out completely clear.

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May Flowers

This Spring-y cocktail features lemon poppyseed syrup - my new obsession! If you’ve ever made orgeat, it’s the same basic process, and instead of adding orange blossom water, I added the juice of a lemon. The result is a delicious syrup that tastes just like the muffins, and pairs perfectly with blackberry and lavender on a Spring afternoon.

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