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The Cocktailian's Guide to Edible Flowers

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of edible flowers. A large percentage of the cocktails I share everyday on Instagram feature floral garnishes, and I’m moderately obsessed with wandering around in the field behind our house looking for things I can eat, turn into a syrup, or use as a garnish. There’s just something so naturally appealing about flowers. They can transform a tasty but visually lacking drink into a masterpiece, take a cake from boring to extraordinary, or add unique, delicate, vegetal flavors to a weeknight dinner.

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Foraged Cocktails: Wisteria Blossom Syrup + Blueberry Wisteria Whiskey Sour Recipe

One of the most fragrant and beautiful of all the plants surrounding our house is wisteria. We have a trellis outside our sunroom that’s been taken over by wisteria and trumpet vines over the years, and this time of year, the gorgeous purple blossoms hang down from overhead, their clean, sweet scent wafting through the house.

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Foraged Forsythia Honey Syrup + The Yogi Bear (A Bees Knees Riff)

It's been a long, cold winter and the bright yellow blossoms of our forsythia bushes are an incredibly welcome sight to see. We actually had more snow last week, but somehow new life is beginning to emerge, the first signs of Spring peeking through the gray-brown New Hampshire landscape. I've been really interested in wild edible plants recently, and specifically, local, New England-native edible flowers I can forage for.

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