Scotch Whisky

Smoky Beets – A Scotch, Beet, Lemon + Ginger Cocktail

I love creating cocktails, but my first culinary passion is actually baking. Today I was working on some beet tuile cookies and ended up burning the first few while I figured out the process. The smoky, pan-fried beet cookies were strangely appealing, so I decided to break out the peaty Scotch and turn my cooking mishap into a dreamy, smoky, beet cocktail.

Sleepy Godfather – Scotch + Amaretto + Coffee

When you want the deliciousness of scotch + amaretto but you know it will put you to sleep because your 6 month old decided to start the day at 4am, enter: The Godfather + coffee! Simple, sweet, and just the thing to take the chill …READ MORE

Cherry Cacao Rob Roy

This sweet riff on a classic Rob Roy is the perfect dessert cocktail, and it’s good for you too. ? Seriously, raw cacao is one of the most antioxidant-rich foods on earth. That’s a lot of little free-radical fighters running around preventing cell damage and boosting your immune system while you imbibe! No need for a dry January, just drink heath booze. You’re welcome.

Spiced Berries & Smoke – A Frozen Lagavulin Cocktail

..Sweet, sour, spice, salt, smoke…
I may have lost my mind a little with this one, but for a while now I’ve been wanting to create a cocktail that would marry health-boosting organic ingredients with complex flavors and damn good booze.