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Happy World Gin Day! There are SO many ways to celebrate, with all the brands and varieties of gin available these days. One category I’m just beginning to explore is pink gin. Originally a type of cocktail involving gin and Angostura bitters (which turned the cocktail a lovely hue of pink), today the term also applies to a wide variety of pink colored gins flavored with botanicals like rhubarb, raspberry, gooseberry, and strawberry.

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There’s nothing quite like the scent of new lilac blossoms wafting through my kitchen windows on an early Spring morning. Lilac is one of my very favorite flowers, and possibly my very favorite scent, so this year I decided I had to do something to preserve that beautiful, clean, but fleeting aroma.

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A while back I posted a cocktail featuring a bright red coral tuile cookie garnish, and since then I’ve had a ton of people reach out and ask what the garnish was and how I made it. After much trial and error and practicing my technique, I’ve finally finished this tutorial on these tricky cookies and I think I’ve solved the mystery to making perfectly cooked coral tuiles every time.

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