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Blood Orange Whiskey Sour with Cherry Blossom Honey

Blood oranges are in season and I’m making the most of them this year with this special Blood Orange Whiskey Sour. The beautifully sweet and tangy flavor of moro blood oranges really shine when paired with bourbon whiskey, and I’ve taken it to a whole new level with a Cherry Blossom Honey syrup. Want more …

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Blood Orange & Turmeric Collins

Blood oranges are one of the (few) things that make me excited for winter time. Their gorgeous color and sweet, almost raspberry-like flavor sets them apart from other citrus fruits and brightens up these dreary February days. I created this Blood Orange & Turmeric Collins cocktail recipe for Malfy Gin in 2018, and it’s a …

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Mandarin Ginger Gin Sour

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more. Every winter, I feel a little excitement when I see those tiny, super sweet satsuma mandarins appear at the grocery store. If you’re not familiar with satsuma mandarins, they’re typically the ones displayed with the leaves still attached. …

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Grapefruit & Pomegranate Vodka Sour

This recipe originally appeared in a winter seasonal food + drink pairing with my Winter Buddha Bowl, but given the immense popularity of the cocktail recipe by itself, I decided it was time to give it its own dedicated recipe page! You can find more winter citrus cocktails here and a delicious, even easier, booze-free …

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How to Make a Milk-Clarified Satsuma Screwdriver

Chances are, when you think of a Screwdriver, you think of…well, a pretty uninspired cocktail. Perhaps one of the least loved and universally unappealing of the two-ingredient cocktail recipes, the Screwdriver is a simple combination of vodka and orange juice. Sharply acidic while still tasting quite bland, there’s admittedly not much to love. I guess it’s the unlovable nature of the Screwdriver and it’s incredibly simple template that drew me to try to re-imagine it in clarified form. Plus, I really wanted to see if it would turn out completely clear.

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