Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Yeah, I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people. It’s Thanksgiving and I think I have allllll this time to prepare for the holidays. ‘I’m going to get everything done in advance this year’, I tell myself. And then just as soon as I’m really getting in the holiday spirit and working on all kinds of fun Christmas cocktail and hors d’oeuvre ideas – BAM, it’s suddenly a week away and I’ve barely even begun my shopping.

If you’re a last minute shopper like me, and have a cocktail lover or home bartender in your life, I’ve got you covered with this list of my top holiday gift picks for 2018. I can’t guarantee that every item on this list will make it in time for Christmas (and one is a local purchase only), but if you’re like me, chances are your loved ones have come to expect at least one package that contains only packing peanuts and a printed picture of the item that’s on its way… 🙂

  1. Wintersmiths IC-S Ice Chest
    This is hands down my favorite find of the year, and a beautifully simple and space saving way to make crystal clear ice in large cubes or balls. It’s on sale right now on Amazon, so even if it’s just for you, now’s the time to pick one up!

  2. Kuma Turmeric Liqueur
    Ok, so this one isn’t available for purchase online yet, but if you live in Washington state, it’s available at all Haggen stores for your last minute local shopping. This stuff is absolutely delicious, really versatile, and makes for a perfect, unique gift for the hard to shop for mixologist in your life.

  3. The Flavor Bible
    This book is such a great resource, and so much fun to flip through when you want a little inspiration. If you know someone who loves crafting their own cocktails, coming up with fun flavor pairings, or cooking, this is the book for them.

  4. Bouvery Chocolate Vodka
    Love chocolate? Also love booze? This is the ultimate chocolate liqueur, tasting just like decadent melted dark chocolate. After tasting this, there’s no going back to creme de cacao.

  5. OXO Steel Angled Measuring Jigger
    This thing is just SO handy! It has .25 oz, .5 oz, 1 oz, 1.5 oz and 2 oz pour lines on the inside and a convenient spout to avoid spills. It’s a daily driver for me and a great stocking stuffer.

  6. OXO Good Grips Y Peeler
    If there’s one thing every home bartender really needs, it’s a good Y peeler! Don’t garnish without it. Another great little stocking stuffer.

  7. .45 Copper Bullet Cup by Neptune Glassworks
    How cool is this glass? It’s no secret that I am glassware-obsessed, but I was completely smitten when I was introduced to the gorgeous glassware by Neptune Glassworks. If you know someone who has every type of cocktail glass imaginable, this is the place to get them something very unique and special that they’re not going to find anywhere else.

  8. Sertodo Copper Hand-Hammered Boston Shaker Set
    Ok, time to get real – this is what I want for Christmas! I’ve been eyeballing the beautiful Sertodo Copper shakers on Instagram for some time, and I think it might be time to treat myself.

  9. Apologue Persimmon Bittersweet Liqueur
    When I first tried this wonderful elixir, it was love at first sip. Made with a blend of botanicals that includes persimmon, hibiscus, bitter orange, cinchona, gentian, and rhubarb, it’s a delicious and unique alternative to more mainstream bitter liqueurs. Also gets major points for having eye-candy packaging.

  10. Viski Professional Bar Tool Canvas Roll Up
    Here’s another great option for the home bartender who has everything! This canvas roll up is the perfect way to store and carry all your tools to your next holiday cocktail party.

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