Turmeric Ginger Gin

So a few of you know me in real life, but for those who don’t, I make organic skin care products for a living. The product I’m best known for combines turmeric and tangerine, so when I saw those darling satsuma tangerines with the leaves still attached at Whole Foods, I was inspired to make a corresponding cocktail.

I made a mess with the ginger sugar and ended up covering the entire side of the glass with the stuff, but it was delicious so I’ll pretend that was intentional. 

  • 2 dashes orange bitters
  • 2 oz turmeric-infused gin
  • .5 oz grapefruit juice
  • .5 oz tangerine juice
  • Ginger beer

Add all but the final ingredient to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake until chilled. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice and rimmed with ginger sugar, top with ginger beer. 

Ginger Sugar*
2 tbsp sugar mixed with 1 tsp ground ginger