Foraged Cocktails: Wisteria Blossom Syrup + Blueberry Wisteria Whiskey Sour Recipe

One of the most fragrant and beautiful of all the plants surrounding our house is wisteria. We have a trellis outside our sunroom that’s been taken over by wisteria and trumpet vines over the years, and this time of year, the gorgeous purple blossoms hang down from overhead, their clean, sweet scent wafting through the house.

Glassware Obsession: The Elan Collective Rocks Glasses

It’s June, it’s finally warm outside, and it’s finally Negroni Week! I’m super excited to share my new favorite rocks glasses, some fun variations on the classic red cocktail, and not one, but four Instagram giveaways!

Rhubarb and Rye

I made a rhubarb syrup last week and I’ve been experimenting with adding it’s tart flavor to a variety of cocktail recipes. On a whim, I decided to try it with Standard Wormwood Distillery’s Rye, which has a unique, bitter, wormwood flavor, and I loved it! It’s always interesting to play with different flavor pairings in cocktails – sweet, bitter, sour, savory, etc.

Wormwood + Marshmallow Root Tea

The very kind folks at Standard Wormwood Distillery recently sent me some of their rye to experiment with and I’ve been having a lot of fun working with its unusual wormwood flavor. After reading up on wormwood and its uses throughout history, I decided to create a tasty medicinally-inspired cocktail.

An Apple A Day – an Apple, Ginger, Cucumber and Rye Cocktail

I tend to make a lot of gin-based cocktails because gin + botanicals are a natural fit, but I’ve been working on expanding my booze horizons a bit lately. I’m loving Whistle Pig rye and Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur, so I’ve paired them in this delicious, fresh, dare I say ‘healthy’ cocktail. I’ve made this several times over the past few days, and the fresh flavor of the juice makes it well worth the extra effort!