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5 Rosé Cocktails for Summer

5 Rosé Cocktails for Summer

It’s rosé season! I’m a fan of frosé, but there are so many more rosé cocktails to enjoy this summer! Here is a collection of the rosé cocktails I’m mixing up these days, including my very favorite, and incredibly easy, Rosé Paloma.

Two Fresh & Fruity Cocktails to Welcome Spring

Two Fresh & Fruity Cocktails to Welcome Spring

It’s finally here – the first official day of Spring! Winter always seems to drag on and on here in New Hampshire, but lately these longer days make it feel like warm spring breezes are just around the corner. I’m welcoming the new season with plenty of fresh and fruity cocktails, and today I’m sharing two recipes I’ve created with Gran Gala Orange Liqueur.

Bitter Bianco Negroni Sbagliato

Summer is in full swing, beautifully ripe botanical ingredients are abundant, and the days are long and warm. I love this time of year, when happy hour means lounging in an adirondack chair on the back patio, enjoying the mountain breeze and sipping on something refreshing. My favorite type of cocktail to mix up on these hot and hazy days are tall and refreshingly bittersweet.

La Movida

It’s 1977 in post-Franco Spain. There is unrest and a deep hunger for change that’s fueling the growing punk, anti-establishment movement. Protests, riots, and clashes with the police are the norm. After one incident goes too far, a young woman named Mosca leaves town with her friends. On the road, Mosca searches for her missing brother, but her mission to find him becomes a journey to finding herself along the way.

French 75 Milkshake

Today’s my birthday so to celebrate I’ve thrown together some of my favorite things: booze, ice cream, and cake, complete with edible flowers and micro greens!

Das Boot – A Citrusy Beer and Champagne Cocktail

I’ve been really inspired by all the interesting beer cocktails around Insta lately and decided to whip up something hoppy, citrusy, and oh so bittersweet. A double IPA, some grapefruit juice, Campari, and champagne, and you have one surprisingly delicious boot full of booze.