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In Part One of the Ultimate Guide to Cocktail Syrups, we went over the basics of simple syrup, including how to make demerara and honey syrups, and how to best store cocktail syrups. Now we’ll cover flavored cocktail syrups, including the classic cocktail staple, grenadine. We’ll also go over some basic rules of thumb you …

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Home-made, custom cocktail syrups are one of those special ingredients that can completely transform a drink. Whether it’s basic simple syrup, demerara syrup, a fun seasonal flavor combination syrup like lavender strawberry, or a classic like grenadine, you can easily make it and enjoy it at home! Don’t be intimidated by lengthy recipes requiring lots …

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Lilac syrup adds a beautiful floral flavor to lemonades, teas, cocktails, mocktails, and other recipes. Although lilac season is incredibly short, you can keep the gorgeous scent of spring a little longer through this lilac simple syrup. And if you want it to last even longer, try making a lilac liqueur. When are lilacs in …

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Happy World Gin Day! There are SO many ways to celebrate, with all the brands and varieties of gin available these days. One category I’m just beginning to explore is pink gin. Originally a type of cocktail involving gin and Angostura bitters (which turned the cocktail a lovely hue of pink), today the term also applies to a wide variety of pink colored gins flavored with botanicals like rhubarb, raspberry, gooseberry, and strawberry.

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It’s been a long, cold winter and the bright yellow blossoms of our forsythia bushes are an incredibly welcome sight to see. We actually had more snow last week, but somehow new life is beginning to emerge, the first signs of Spring peeking through the gray-brown New Hampshire landscape. I’ve been really interested in wild edible plants recently, and specifically, local, New England-native edible flowers I can forage for.

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