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Photographing cold drinks like cocktails can be challenging. There are reflections, melting ice, and condensation to deal with, not to mention unforeseen lighting issues and wilting garnishes. Fortunately, once you understand how to light them and have a few pro tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be able to instantly improve your drink photos!

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One of things I get questions about all the time is how to take better cocktail photos for Instagram. Being a photographer and having studied fine art photography in college, it’s something I’m always excited to help people with! The following photography crash course is an excerpt from my new Ultimate Guide to Instagram Growth.

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Today I want to talk about a topic near and dear to my heart – Instagram!

Chances are pretty good that if you didn’t end up here via a Google search, you found this site via Instagram. Moody Mixologist began on Instagram, in January of 2018, and turned into this blog a few months later. Prior to becoming a full-time cocktail blogger, photographer, recipe developer, and Instagrammer, I owned a small skin care business, and before that I worked in marketing for about 10 years. When I started this cocktail adventure on a whim, I decided to put everything I knew to the test, and see where it would lead me. Less than 6 months after I posted my first cocktail pic, I had 10k followers, a growing blog, and I was making a decent side income.

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