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Garibaldi (Campari and Orange) Recipe

The Garibaldi is a fruity, bittersweet brunch cocktail that’s easy but so satisfying! At its simplest, it takes just two ingredients to make: Campari and orange juice. You can just throw the two together in a glass over ice and have a nice drink, but with a teensy bit of extra effort you can make an incredibly delicious, elevated Garibaldi.

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Strawberry Negroni Sbagliato

This lighter take on the classic Negroni replaces the fortifying gin with a couple ounces of sparkling wine. My upgraded version infuses the Campari with fresh strawberries for an even more flavorful and summery aperitivo. This Strawberry Negroni Sbagliato is fruity, bittersweet, herbal, and effervescent. The bubbles from the sparkling wine make it a refreshing treat on these warm late summer days.

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