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Toronto (Rye and Fernet Branca Cocktail)

The Toronto is a classic rye whiskey cocktail that features the bitter liqueur Fernet Branca. Similar to an Old Fashioned, the Toronto is made with whiskey, simple syrup, Angostura bitters, and the addition of a splash of Fernet. History of the cocktail Like many classics, the history of the Toronto is up for debate. No …

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Whipped Pink Lemonade Cocktail with Raspberry and Ginger

Whipped, creamy, frozen lemonade is great, but whipped pink lemonade with raspberry-infused vodka and ginger liqueur? It’s the next level summer treat your happy hour has been waiting for! Yesterday I dove into how to make whipped lemonade with just two easy ingredients, as well as other simple variations that use just three ingredients. Whether …

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Two Ingredient Whipped Lemonade

Whipped lemonade is the cool, creamy, indulgent treat you need this summer! This incredibly easy recipe calls for just two simple ingredients and takes less than a minute to prepare. Last year was all about whipped coffee and the whipped beverage trend is back again in 2021 with sweet, frosty, fluffy lemonade. The combination of …

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