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Tommy’s Margarita – 3 Ingredient Cocktail

Tommy’s Margarita is one of the most popular margarita variations being shaken across the world today. Substituting agave syrup for triple sec, Tommy’s Margarita is crisp and agave-forward, emphasizing the flavor of the tequila. Who’s Tommy? And what about Julio? This simple blend of tequila, lime juice, and agave syrup was invented by Julio Bermejo …

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Offbeat Tiki Cocktails to Sip on This Summer

You can sip on tiki cocktails year round, but they’re that much better on the beach, poolside, or even just lounging on the couch in front of the AC on a hot summer day. The tiki genre is a vast and eclectic sea of cocktail recipes, but most have the following characteristics in common: the use of rum, tropical fruits, citrus juices, and often exotic spices in the form of syrups, liqueurs, or bitters. You can’t go wrong with a classic Mai Tai, but if you’re looking for something new and different, give one of these a try the next time you’re in the mood for something tropical.

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How to Make a Coral Tuile Garnish

A while back I posted a cocktail featuring a bright red coral tuile cookie garnish, and since then I’ve had a ton of people reach out and ask what the garnish was and how I made it. After much trial and error and practicing my technique, I’ve finally finished this tutorial on these tricky cookies and I think I’ve solved the mystery to making perfectly cooked coral tuiles every time.

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Summer of ’92 – A Tequila + Ramune Soda Cocktail

Ever taste something, or smell something, that just instantly transports you to another time? I picked up some Japanese Ramune soda (strawberry flavor) the other day and the first sip was like stepping back into some long forgotten childhood memory. The hazy, hot days of a summer spent running through sprinklers, catching frogs, going to my brother’s little league practices, and guzzling those brightly colored little juice drinks that come in chintzy, barrel-shaped plastic bottles.

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