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It’s almost officially summer, and wild cocktail ingredients are flourishing all around yards, fields, and forests in the northeast. June is a fantastic month for foraging in New Hampshire, and it seems that every day a new plant is popping up around my backyard. Dandelions, violets, plantain, daisies, yarrow, milkweed, wood sorrel, and many more wild edibles are easy to find this time of year, and growing in abundance.

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Spring is a really wonderful time for cocktails in New England. When we finally come out of the endless winter chill, there’s nothing like enjoying those first few outdoor cocktails on the patio! Today I’m sharing an incredibly simple and very delicious drink for just that purpose, featuring Amaro Lucano.

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Ever taste something, or smell something, that just instantly transports you to another time? I picked up some Japanese Ramune soda (strawberry flavor) the other day and the first sip was like stepping back into some long forgotten childhood memory. The hazy, hot days of a summer spent running through sprinklers, catching frogs, going to my brother’s little league practices, and guzzling those brightly colored little juice drinks that come in chintzy, barrel-shaped plastic bottles.

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