8 Cocktails to Make You Fall in Love with Fall

8 Cocktails to Make You Fall in Love with Fall

Today is officially the first day of Fall and what better way to ring in a new season than with festive seasonal cocktails! There’s something for everyone, from roasted pumpkin Bloody Marys to apple cinnamon Negronis and everything in between.

Summer of ’92 – A Tequila + Ramune Soda Cocktail

Ever taste something, or smell something, that just instantly transports you to another time? I picked up some Japanese Ramune soda (strawberry flavor) the other day and the first sip was like stepping back into some long forgotten childhood memory. The hazy, hot days of a summer spent running through sprinklers, catching frogs, going to my brother’s little league practices, and guzzling those brightly colored little juice drinks that come in chintzy, barrel-shaped plastic bottles.

Guava + Peach Spritzer

We’re in the midst of yet another Nor’easter here in New Hampshire. ? So while watching another foot of snow pile up outside, I decided to shun reality and curl up by the fire with a giant goblet of summertime. ?☀️?

Lux + Lily

Forever inspired by spring time and the promise of warmer weather, this cocktail combines the flavors of Luxardo maraschino liqueur, Lillet Blanc, and fresh raspberries.

Kuma-groni – A Turmeric Negroni

I’ve been having a lot of fun this week playing with Kuma Turmeric Liqueur in cocktails. Today I decided to try a twist on a classic with a turmeric-y Negroni, subbing Kuma for Campari. The result is something special and very different, with an earthy, mellow sweetness replacing the characteristic bitter bite of Campari.

Negroni Nice Cream

If you’ve ever made ‘nice cream’, you know how AMAZING frozen bananas are at impersonating ice cream when blended with a little bit of of liquid. They take on the texture of soft serve, and the banana flavor is very mild, especially if paired with strong flavors and if the bananas used are not too under or over ripe. I took this healthy recipe to the next level by blending it up with a classic Negroni and a little juice for an unexpected and delicious twist on dessert, #ginuary style.