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The Martini is the single most iconic cocktail of all time. The sleek, triangular cocktail glass and its three skewered green olives are instantly recognizable the world over. How did this simple, three ingredient gin cocktail become so famous? Let’s dive into the story of the classic gin Martini and the many cocktails it inspired.

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Whipped, creamy, frozen lemonade is great, but whipped pink lemonade with raspberry-infused vodka and ginger liqueur? It’s the next level summer treat your happy hour has been waiting for! Yesterday I dove into how to make whipped lemonade with just two easy ingredients, as well as other simple variations that use just three ingredients. Whether …

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This tall, citrusy sipper is a lighter, blue-r version of the infamous Long Island Iced Tea. Lemon-lime soda takes the place of cola, and blue curaçao adds a pop of summery color. No, the AMF isn’t a refined cocktail. It isn’t fancy, or complicated. It’s a simple drink that is sweet, sour, and most importantly …

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