Wine & Sparkling Wine

La Movida

It’s 1977 in post-Franco Spain. There is unrest and a deep hunger for change that’s fueling the growing punk, anti-establishment movement. Protests, riots, and clashes with the police are the norm. After one incident goes too far, a young woman named Mosca leaves town with her friends. On the road, Mosca searches for her missing brother, but her mission to find him becomes a journey to finding herself along the way.

French 75 Milkshake

Today’s my birthday so to celebrate I’ve thrown together some of my favorite things: booze, ice cream, and cake, complete with edible flowers and micro greens!


Fellow drinkstagrammer and NZ bartender Ollie Mason (@carmelinacocktail) asked if I would try his Bacardi Legacy cocktail, Carmelina, and it was love at first sip! The Carmelina is a delicious and refreshing rum + sake cocktail that was just the pick me up I needed during yesterday’s snow storm. Is it summer yet?? ☀️

Amaterasu (Sun Goddess)

I created this cocktail, named after the Japanese sun goddess to join @thecocktailblog12’s February #a2zcocktails event

I’m really excited to learn a ton of new cocktails this month. It’s only been a month since I joined the #drinkstagram community, and I’ve already learned so much from so many kind and wonderful people.