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Strawberry Basil Gin Sour

I first created this cocktail in 2018, and it’s still a favorite fruity gin recipe for summer! My original post didn’t include a detailed recipe for the strawberry basil syrup, so today I’m revisiting this silky smooth cocktail and updating both the recipe and the photos. If you like fresh fruit and herb flavor pairings, this gin cocktail is one to shake up this spring/summer!

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5 Classic New Orleans Cocktails for Mardi Gras

Happy Mardi Gras! If you’re searching for something classic to mix up today, try one of these delicious New Orleans-born cocktails. Sazerac The enduring mix of rye whiskey, simple syrup, Peychaud’s bitters and an absinthe rinse was created by Peychaud himself at the Sazerac Coffee House. Absinthe Frappe Once a popular breakfast-time drink, this simple …

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Blood Orange & Turmeric Collins

Blood oranges are one of the (few) things that make me excited for winter time. Their gorgeous color and sweet, almost raspberry-like flavor sets them apart from other citrus fruits and brightens up these dreary February days. I created this Blood Orange & Turmeric Collins cocktail recipe for Malfy Gin in 2018, and it’s a …

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5 Cocktail Recipes for Valentine’s Day

It’s almost here – that special day devoted to all things love. A lot of people focus on having a Valentine to celebrate the day with, but no matter whether your status is single, “it’s complicated”, or old married couple, you deserve a cocktail! The following drink recipes are single serving, but feel free to …

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How to Make a Classic Gin Rickey (And Why You Should)

Summer time around here typically means one cocktail above all else – the beloved gin and tonic. But this year, my husband (finally) really fell in love with gin, and when he ran out (read: drank all) of my fancy tonic water while I was away visiting family, he tried substituting seltzer water instead. He didn’t know it then, but what he was drinking is also known as a Gin Rickey. This simple combination of gin, half a lime’s juice, and carbonated water is as easy-going and fresh as it gets. Pretty soon, my husband told me he actually enjoyed his gin more this way, and after a bit of coaxing, I’m finally swapping out my G&T for a Rickey now and then too!

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