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Campari Rose

It’s finally April and Easter weekend put me in the mood for a fun rosé cocktail. I was inspired by my Bonne Maman marmalade to make something along the lines of a Breakfast Martini or the original Marmalade Cocktail, but one thing led to another and I ended up with this bittersweet blend of crisp rosé, lemon, Campari, marmalade, and orgeat.

I love cocktail history and I often peruse all the interesting articles on Difford’s Guide. When reading up on the Marmalade Cocktail from the classic 1930 Savoy Cocktail Book by Harry Craddock, I came across Difford’s adapted recipe, which notes Craddock’s comment about this cocktail, “By its bitter-sweet taste this cocktail is especially suited to be a luncheon apertif.” This is exactly the kind of cocktail suited to a festive Easter brunch. It’s a delicious, fresh blend of gin, orange marmalade, and lemon juice. Another classic (although more modern) cocktail featuring marmalade is Salvatore Calabrese’s Breakfast Martini, which is made of gin, marmalade, lemon juice, and the addition of Cointreau, making it a bit sweeter and a touch softer than the original. If you’ve never tried marmalade in a cocktail, I highly recommend giving these two recipes a go. My marmalade cocktail is less boozy and a bit more complex, with three different sweet ingredients carefully blended to play up the bittersweet flavors and pair perfectly with brunch fare such as pastries and fresh fruit.



  • 3 oz dry rosé wine
  • 3/4 oz lemon juice
  • 1/4 oz Campari
  • 1/4 oz orgeat
  • Scant barspoon marmalade

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and stir to incorporate marmalade. Add ice and shake until chilled. Double strain into a chilled glass. Garnish with a daisy.