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One of the most fragrant and beautiful of all the plants surrounding our house is wisteria. We have a trellis outside our sunroom that’s been taken over by wisteria and trumpet vines over the years, and this time of year, the gorgeous purple blossoms hang down from overhead, their clean, sweet scent wafting through the house.

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Today I’m celebrating America’s whiskey and the fact that it’s almost (officially) summer with a pitcher of bourbon-spiked chamomile and bee pollen honeybush iced tea. This stuff tastes like a gloriously lazy summer afternoon and pairs perfectly with my honey spice cookies, glazed with lemon icing and topped with tasty bee pollen.

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Happy World Gin Day! There are SO many ways to celebrate, with all the brands and varieties of gin available these days. One category I’m just beginning to explore is pink gin. Originally a type of cocktail involving gin and Angostura bitters (which turned the cocktail a lovely hue of pink), today the term also applies to a wide variety of pink colored gins flavored with botanicals like rhubarb, raspberry, gooseberry, and strawberry.

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